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Each component on the iAQUA SeaDart FUN has been carefully engineered to deliver top performance at a modest price tag. While this is our “entry-level” version, be prepared to be thrilled! Surging through the water at 15km/h and diving to a depth of 20m the iAQUA SeaDart FUN is the perfect introduction to what is possible at iAQUA and the new standard in underwater scooters.

  • iAQUA SeaDart FUN In Arctic White

    • 15 km/h max speed
    • 20 m maximum depth
    • 3.3 kW max power output
    • 650 N max propulsive force
    • 5 power modes
    • Run time 70 mins
    • Weight 40kg
    • Fast-charge 120 mins (standard trickle-charge 7hrs)
    • Dimensions L115cm, W60cm, H40cm