Quality start from the beginning.

Quality starts right at the very beginning at the design stage. Mathematical modelling of compent stress analysis, computational fluid dynamics simulations, meticulous attention to material selections and component tolerancing are rigourously followed to develop a great product. Forward thinking about the potential areas of failure and providing robust design solutions to make it impossible to happen.

SEAJET’S products are made from the highest quality, most technologically advanced materials for the required applications. We deliver outstanding quality at the lowest possible cost. Prices are held low due to our advanced quality, manufacturing systems and our focus on design simplification.

SEAJET-Quality throughout.


Impulse Drive system (I Drive).

The impulse drive system generates thrust by accelerating a constant volume of water through the nozzle ducting system.

The advanced high torque water cooled electric motor gains its energy from powerful lithium ion battery pack, made of high density lithium cells. The water compression/acceleration method is the basis of the I-Drive thrust generation.

I-Drive, environmental propulsion for a cleaner ocean.


Intuitive Grip System (I GRIPS).

The I GRIP system allows the SEAJET Pilot to be at one with their surroundings. The Intuitive systems provides complete control of the craft at your fingertips. There are two throttle triggers that ensure the user is in a safe rider position before the craft will activate. By squeezing the two throttles simultaneously, the pilot will unleash the thrust of the I-DRIVE and the SEAJET will accelerate. The ergonomically designed I-GRIPS allow the pilot to easily accelerate or decelerate by taping the green or red touch buttons. Simple body weight transfer allows the SEAJET to change direction, dive or surface. The Craft can be brought to an immediate stop by releasing either trigger.

The I-GRIPS touch buttons also allows the user to enter the menu function. The menu function provides program settings such as, max dive depth, I DRIVE power band, SHARK DEFLECTOR and SUB LIGHT activation.

I-GRIPS Intuitive control system, be at one with the SEAJET


Full system information perfectly placed.

The cockpit is powered by a TFT full colour display. Centrally located directly in the pilots line of sight it provides the essential information and diagnostic systems. Main display information includes DEPTH feedback from pressure sensors, remaining ENERGY in the batteries, and I-DRIVE GEAR setting

The TFT display also provides clear menu details for option selection and setup.

TFT COCKPIT performance information in line of sight.